Slot Review: Mr. & Mrs. Spy Game Information

Infinity Dragon Studios’ Mr & Mrs. Spy slot game will be available at the Microgaming-powered online casinos we recommend starting in October 2022.

Spin the reels like a secret spy, a blonde in a red dress, or a chad in a suit, all while playing for jackpots worth up to 12,000 times the player’s wager.

Data Slot

Reels: 5

Rows: 3

Numero de lignes de paiement: 10

RTP: 96.11%

Vultures: Yes

Spins with no cost?

Added incentive:

Alternate: No

In a word, yes

Style of Slots

The Mr. & Mrs. Spy slot machine is played on a regular 5 reel, 3 row, 10 payline gameboard.

The game has a HIGH volatility setting with an RTP of 96.11%.

If you’re searching for a slot machine with a modest wager each spin, this one has a minimum stake of 0.10 dollars and a maximum bet of 20.00 dollars.

The game’s interfaces are spot on; there’s a MAX BET button, you can choose your stakes straight away, and the menu at the bottom left remains consistent and is simple to use throughout.

The game’s visuals are solid, and the soundtrack fits the mood perfectly; nevertheless, the leftmost animated figure is slow and might have benefited from more polish.

While it has no effect on the gameplay, it is an odd choice for a slot machine produced in the year 2022.

Slot Functions

Gold Chips and Bonus Prize Symbols are two examples of Link&WinTM Symbols. To activate the Link&WinTM feature, the player must either collect 5-14 Link&WinTM symbols or fill the Link&Win Meter 4 times. If the boost is activated, the feature will start with 5 respins instead of the usual 3. The board is replaced with Link&WinTM symbols and empty spaces. While the rest of the spots begin to spin again, the triggering symbols remain fixed. When a Link&WinTM sign lands, not only is it retained in place, but the respins are also restored to their original number. Multipliers ranging from 1x to 5x or Bonus Prizes may be found in Gold Chips symbols, while Mini, Minor, and Major Bonus Prizes can be found in Bonus Prize symbols. Prizes range from 10x the wager for the Mini to 50x the stake for the Major. Mini-Grand, Grand, and TNT-Grand rewards are acceptable alternatives. If you complete 15–19 spots on the reels, you win the Mini-Grand reward of 20 times your wager; if you fill 15 positions, you win the Grand prize of 500 times your wager; and if you fill all 20 positions, you win the TNT Grand prize of 5,000 times your wager. However, the developer claims that, with all boosters turned on, the maximum jackpot is 12,400x.

In order to activate one of the Link&WinTM Meter’s bonuses—2x Prize Multiplier, +2 Initial Spins, or 5 extra Link&WinTM symbols—collect 50 Gold Chips. When the meter is filled for a total of four times, the Link&WinTM feature is activated.


Mr. & Mrs. Spy is a passable Link&WinTM online slot, but it lacks any other features that might make it more interesting.

Due to the game’s HIGH volatility, we had to wait a bit before we were able to activate the initial Link&WinTM function during testing.

We were growing tired waiting for the feature to occur, spinning for Gold Chips and boosting our chances of triggering the function.

Even though the game is just a year old, the animations might have been more polished.

If you don’t mind the slot’s volatility and the lack of free spins and any other feature, give it a try since the enormous 12,000x the bet jackpot, may be something that fascinates a lot of players, and the Link&WinTM feature itself is enjoyable.

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