casino games Casino games: an astonishing evolution

The Bababa99 history of humanity is closely related to the history of gambling. It seems that no matter how far you go back in time, you’ll notice that there are signs that prove that where groups of people gathered, they were more than likely playing something. We will not try to cut the thread in four and find every trace that attests to the antiquity of gambling in this article. But what we are going to do is pick some important dates as benchmarks in the evolution of casino games.

Some people suggest that the earliest forms of blackjack come from a Spanish game called Ventiuna(21), since the game appeared in a book written by the author of Don Quixote in the year 1601. However, there are variations that were preceded by the Trente Un (31) game in 1570, or the Quinze(15) game in France. As with all of these origin stories, the inventors of this chance-based game of Blackjack were rarely mentioned in the annals of history. The 17th century French game of Vingt-En-Un is certainly a direct ancestor of Blackjack. This game appeared in the United States with the early French settlers. Its name, Blackjack, was an American invention that was closely related to special promotions in Nevada casinos in the 1930s. To attract additional customers, odds of 10 to 1 were paid if a player won with a black J of clubs or black heart, along with a black Ace of hearts. Those special odds didn’t last that long, but little by little the game of Blackjack gained a reputation in the casino gambling industry and we can find it in every casino today.

Microgaming: a name you’ve surely come across, even by accident. It is one of the world’s largest developers of casino games and slots. At the same time, he is also considered to be one of the pioneers of online gambling. The leap into the world of online casinos was made entirely in 1994, and since then Microgaming has continued to make waves among enthusiasts. At Microgaming, earnings from these casino games have been worth over a billion dollars in the last 5 years, and today the company is a multi-billion dollar industry with over a thousand online casinos – and the number is increasing! The first live casinos appeared in 2003 thanks to the company Playtech, and they bring us close to a hybrid between brick and mortar casinos and the virtual world.

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